Thursday, 11 August 2016

Raise the Banner! - 1st banners go up on Green St roundabout.

Today saw the erection of the first election banners on Green Street roundabout. TTS had kindly put up railings for candidates to place their banners and posters. I managed to secure two premier locations on the circle.

The banner is one from 2008 and is dutifully serving after all these years. It has seen many contests and even victory. The battle honour "District No 1, 2014" was the proudest moment and there will be more to add in the future.

As I was putting up the banner a heavy goods lorry driver tooted his horn and gave me a clenched fist salute in support through the window of the cab. Later I met a supporter from District 1 who I had not seen since the last election in 2014. We chatted and discussed the plight of the island under COM rule. He needed no convincing he said and promised me his vote. These gestures of solidarity and support made my day.

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